Does the Cost of an Asset Protection Lawyer Outweigh The Benefits? Staten Island Asset Protection Attorney Clarifies Common Estate Planning Misconceptions.

Common Misconception: Having an attorney create a professional asset protection plan is too expensive / isn’t worth the cost. Yes, you will have to pay an attorney to create your estate plan, but the price will ultimately depend on the size and complexity of your estate. However, the price to plan with an attorney will […]

Is a Will and/or Trust Still Necessary When I Have Joint Accounts? Staten Island Estate Lawyer Examines Common Elder Law Misconceptions.

Common Misconception: Having joint accounts with my children is an adequate plan. Initially, this may seem like a great idea. Your surviving family member(s) will be able to take control of the account/property without going through probate. On the other hand, there are many drawbacks to taking this approach over creating an estate plan, and […]