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How Millennials Can Retire Like Millionaires

With conflicting images of millennials as either living in their parents basement forever or striking it rich with an artisanal organic food truck, it’s clear that retiring like a millionaire seems unlikely for most members of this new generation of young adults. However, it is possible for those in their twenties and thirties, if they […]

A Primer on Life Insurance: Term, Whole, and Why You Need It

It’s not going to make you the most popular person at the party, but life insurance is a necessary part of adult life, and one that most of us don’t think about very often. When was the last time you did a risk management assessment to make sure that you have the right kind of […]

Get Ready for the 2016 Medicare Mess

2016 has the potential to become a disaster if our government does not act soon. Picture this: nearly one third of all Medicare beneficiaries will face a 50% – you read that right – increase in their Part B premiums in 2016. More than two thirds will have ZERO premium increase. Some beneficiaries will have […]

When You’ll Never Know the Real Deadline: Estate Planning

No one likes to talk about death, even though we all know it is inevitable. The tough question that follows the necessary discussion includes what you want to happen when you are no longer alive. Who will raise your children and what will happen to your assets? If you procrastinate and do not make your […]

Planning to Care for Beloved Pets Who Outlive Owners

Not every pet whose owner passes away is as lucky as those owned by a woman in the Raleigh area. When she was in home hospice care and two days before she passed away, at the point when she was no longer aware of her surroundings, the founder of a no-kill cat shelter and adoption […]

Battle Over Bomber Jacket Shifts Gears When Taxes are Due

This is an unusual case concerning a rare and valuable World War II fighter pilot’s jacket, which made its way to court in part because of the value of the jacket. One family member made a strategic move that changed the dynamics completely. Long before America was officially involved in World War II, that is, […]

One Man’s Favorite Portrait is an Executor’s Nightmare

Nude photographs of the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat were posted on several art websites, and the estate’s attorneys furiously demanded that they be taken down. But no one is certain if the artist himself wanted the photos to be online Several nude photographs of the late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat were taken by his ex-girlfriend Paige Powell. […]

Art Collections Call for Careful Consideration of Tax Burdens on Heirs

Creating a plan for estates that include illiquid assets like art collections requires careful planning and specialized knowledge. Depending on the value of the collection, heirs may end up with an unexpected tax bill that could take a big bite out of their inheritance. If your parents collected decades of issues of old magazines, it’s […]

Request by Attenborough Illustrates Importance of Documenting Final Wishes

Beloved and respected actor and director Lord Richard Attenborough included his final wishes in his will, which were extremely specific and somewhat unusual. Because he made his wishes clear, they will be carried out by his heirs. When the probate records of Richard Attenborough were made public, the wishes of this English icon, who passed […]