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“8 Smart Estate Planning Steps to Die the Right Way”

Sometimes, it’s easiest to talk about something difficult when it’s all laid out in front of you in steps. Kiplinger decided to tackle talking about creating an Estate Plan in this manner, in their below-linked article “8 Smart Estate Planning Steps to Die the Right Way.” Kiplinger’s top suggestions are: 1. Write a will (put […]

“Tips for Estate Planning Conversations”

Starting the conversation about Estate Planning with your family members can be an uncomfortable situation, as addressed by the below linked article from It is difficult, admittedly, to talk about what will happen to your assets after you pass, especially with the ones that love you the most. However, this discomfort is nothing compared to the […]

“A Consumers Guide to Medicaid Planning”

As expertly describes in the below-linked article, entitled “A Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid Planning,” life expectancy for Americans has dramatically increased in the last century. As such, we as a society had to make changes and provide ways for our citizens to be equipped to handle long term healthcare for the elderly. Thus, in the 1960’s, […]

“Some Do’s and Don’ts of a Medicaid Spend Down”

Long Term Health Care is a common issue for non-working Americans. Medicaid is a government program created in the 1960s to help alleviate the problem, but eligibility comes with a lot of requirements. One of the most demanding, and often unrealistic, requirements is keeping your assets under $15,450. Immediately, you can no longer own a […]

“6 Reasons Why You Should Have An Estate Plan”

Forbes expertly tackles the benefits to creating an Estate Plan in their article linked below, entitled “6 Reasons Why You Should Have A Estate Plan.” According to Catherine Schnaubelt, director and senior wealth strategist of CIBC Private Wealth Management, these reasons are: 1. To Plan for Your Own Needs2. To Choose How You Dispose of […]

“No Children? Why You Still Need an Estate Plan”

Estate Planning is a term that often comes with several connotations. For example, you may think only those who have great wealth create Estate Plans, or that you must own a fancy estate and cars to consider making this plan. However, neither of these assumptions are true. Estate Planning is the only direct way to […]

“10 Essential Estate Planning Tips Everyone Should Know”

“MORE THAN HALF OF ALL American adults don’t have a will, and that can cause all kinds of problems if tragedy strikes.” As it turns out, Estate Planning is not only for the wealthy. It’s for anyone that has any assets that they would like to protect or hand over to someone else after their […]

“Misconceptions About Health Costs When You’re Older”

“Medicaid, the joint federal-state health financing program for low-income people, has long been the nation’s main financial backstop for long-term care. Over 60 percent of nursing home residents have Medicaid coverage, and over half of the nation’s long-term care is funded by the program.That isn’t because most people who require long-term care have low incomes. […]