Cremation Cost: 4 Factors That Affect Price

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time for infinite reasons. While the creation of an Estate Plan beforehand can ease some of the turbulence from the changes that this time creates, there are certain things that can still remain outstanding. An Estate Plan can comprise of a Last Will & Testament, a […]

Where There’s A Will, There’s Not Always An Estate Plan concisely and smartly explains the difference between creating an Estate Plan and merely having a Last Will, in their article entitled “Where There’s A Will, There’s Not Always An Estate Plan,” linked below. “A proper estate plan will need to address items like liquidity for the estate and naming heirs. This requires a thorough review […]

Six Benefits of Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

JD Supra, which is a source on business and personal topics, offers several great reasons why hiring an attorney to create your Estate Plan for is beneficial. An attorney will: Update documents when necessary/appropriate.Ensure your documents will comply with current law.Confidence your documents say what you want them to say.Legal advice related to asset titling […]

It’s Different For Women In Estate Planning

Estate Planning for women can be a little different than it is for men. As informs us in their article entitled “It’s Different for Women in Estate Planning,” there are two factors that contribute to this difference: women, on average, live longer and tend to outlive their spouses, but also usually have worked less and/or been […]

Assisted Living Requirements: What to Expect

The issue at hand is that your elderly loved one can’t live on their own anymore. Besides placing them in a nursing home, monitored and cared for by doctors and nurses 24/7, there are 2 other options you can choose: 1. Aide services2. Assisted Living Facility In New York City, there are assisted living facilities […]

Estate Planning: The Basics

Wells Fargo breaks down the basics of Estate Planning into 5 core documents, in their article linked below entitled “Estate Planning Basics.” The 5 documents they mention are: A willA durable power of attorneyA health care power of attorneyA living willA revocable trust Oftentimes, the Living Will and Health Care Proxy will be combined into […]

10 Things You Should Know About Writing a Will offers invaluable tips about the creation of your Last Will & Testament in their article, “10 Things You Should Know About Writing a Will.” As one would expect, creating a Last Will is a bit more complicated than simply writing your wishes down on paper. It must be expertly and properly prepared and executed to […]

Medicaid’s Five-Year Look-Back and the Importance of Advanced Planning

“Recent studies show that health care costs for the aging population are increasing at staggering rates. According to New York State’s Office of Health Insurance Program, one year in a nursing home can cost an individual upwards of $145,000. In some regions, there are facilities where private pay rates are in excess of $200,000 per […]

Celebrity Estate Planning: Misfires of the Rich and Famous

Estate Planning is often associated with the rich and famous. You often hear of the massive Estates celebrities or the wealthy may leave to their heirs, but sometimes, the issues that arise from how the Estate Plan was created also come to light. This is often the basis of many movies and television shows as […]

Should You Prepare a Medicaid Application Yourself? attempts to tackle the question: Should you prepare a Medicaid application yourself? For Americans over the age of 65, applying for Medicaid is often the answer to many questions. Medicaid can cover private aides or a nursing home, completely taking care of long term costs, should you become incapacitated and need them. But like any […]