“Three Reasons To Use A Professional For Estate Administration”

Estate Administration can be a trying time, particularly if the deceased was someone close. However, it’s important to remain rational and alert at this time to ensure everything goes as planned – even if just for the sake of respecting the wishes of the deceased. Estate Administration is the term used for the administration of […]

“The Shocking Truth About Asset Protection Planning”

There are many universal truths to understand about asset protection. Asset protection is a popular and completely legal way of protecting your wealth from any claims or threats of claims. However, the state in which your wealth is currently in may have implications on the types of asset protection you can use, and can even […]

“Every Estate Plan Should Include These Documents”

At the core of very Estate Plan, there are 3 major documents: 1. Last Will & Testament 2. Health Care Proxy 3. Durable Power of Attorney The purpose of each of these documents is to ensure your wants and needs are abided by, for different aspects of your life. Typically, a will serves to instruct […]

“A state-by-state guide to Medicaid: Do I qualify?”

When it’s time to consider whether the benefits of Medicaid are right for you, it quickly becomes clear that the biggest headache of all can be the application itself. Medicaid was created to help Americans who are unable to work. Eligibility is based on several different criteria, including “income, disability, pregnancy, age, household size and […]

“Ten Rules For Asset Protection Planning”

There are endless pieces of advice one can recieve regarding the creation of an Estate Plan, just as there is an infinite amount of different situations various families are in. What matters is finding an attorney that can mold your Estate Planning documents to fit your needs. What may work for your sisters, friends or […]

“10 Steps to Painless Estate Planning”

We understand Estate Planning can be a daunting task. It can definitely be hard to sit down and write your Will, considering all the questions that have to be asked and answered in doing so. It may also be complicated to choose a Health Care Proxy, should you choose to create a Living Will, for […]

“Top 5 Strategies for Protecting Your Money from Medicaid”

The truth is, there are many ways to protect your money from Medicaid. Here are some of the most common, which are also listed in the article linked below: 1. Asset Protection Trusts 2. Income Trusts  3. Private Annuities and Promissary Notes  4. A Caregiver Statement  5. Spousal Transfers and Spousal Refusals You may have […]