Medicaid for Long Term Care: 4 Stages of the Application Process

Applying for Medicaid, as anyone who may have looked into it already knows, is a daunting task. In addition to the lengthy and thorough Medicaid application itself, there are indeed more steps to the process. separates them into 4 steps:

The Medicaid Application
Verification process
Contact with the Medicaid office

As aforementioned, the Medicaid application is a tedious task. Apart from identifying documents, lots of financial statements and analysis are necessary to become eligible. The verification process often takes at least 2 months, so you want to ensure your Medicaid application is correct the first time you send it in. Otherwise, you may have to deal with denials or deferrals, with requests for additional information. Once this is submitted, there is another verification period.

To avoid prolonging the Medication application process any longer than it already is, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced attorney. Danna & Associates, PC has specialized in Estate Planning & Elder Law since 1994, ingraining us with ample experience and knowledge in completing and filing Medicaid applications on our clients’ behalf. Call 718.273.0300 for your free consultation today!

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