Should You Prepare a Medicaid Application Yourself? attempts to tackle the question: Should you prepare a Medicaid application yourself? For Americans over the age of 65, applying for Medicaid is often the answer to many questions. Medicaid can cover private aides or a nursing home, completely taking care of long term costs, should you become incapacitated and need them. But like any government program, in order to gain eligibility, you must adhere to their strict guidelines, which vary per state, and submit countless personal and financial information.

“Matters get a bit more complicated for applicants age 65 and above and especially for those of any age who need nursing home or other long-term care coverage. In these cases, availing yourself of the services of an attorney is practically essential,” warns

Medicaid applications are usually hundreds of pages long, especially if you’re applying for Institutional Medicaid, which requires 5 years of financial records to be included. However, although this can seem daunting and tedious, it is possible to complete if you work towards eligibility in an efficient and smart manner.

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