Danna Elder Law Attorney Staten Island NY

Elder Law can be defined as the holistic approach of general population over the age of 65. Advancing age brings health care problems and other legal challenges that need addressing. This broad area of law can encompass numerous issues that affect the elderly population including but not limited to: estate planning, pensions and/or retirement plans, Medicaid, Social Security, and guardianship.

Most individuals are concerned with two fundamental threats to their independence:
1) becoming incapacitated, and thereby losing control to the court system over their personal, health care and financial decisions; and
2) running out of money due to the catastrophic costs of long-term care.

Fortunately, these threats may be minimized, or even avoided, through properly coordinated legal and financial planning. The knowledgeable attorneys at Danna & Associates Elder Law Firm Staten Island NY, won’t make a ‘one size fits all’ recommendation. Instead, they will work with you to learn your specific circumstances and create the best plan for you.