Working With People Who Are Dying Teaches You So Much About How To Live

Estate Planning and Elder Law are two very intertwined fields of law that deal with extremely sensitive subjects.

When anyone thinks of creating their Last Will, they’re considering what will happen to their assets and their loved ones after their demise, which can be an emotional and stressful event.

When you are going through Estate Administration or Probate, you and your family have just recently experienced a loss and are now left to pick up the pieces of a puzzle and put them together again – which, of course, is infinitely easier when there is an Estate Plan in place.

If you have an elderly loved one, you may be considering getting Medicaid for them, or placing them in a Nursing Home, or getting a private aide to live with them, the preparation of which requires a lot of time, attention, and most of all, patience.

Our firm has been dedicated to these two fields of law since 1994. We have created countless Estate Plans and have completed Medicaid applications throughout all their changes spanning over two decades. We are able to use our expansive experience and precise knowledge to help make your life as easy and perfectly planned as possible, before you are incapable of doing so. We are aware of the emotional involvement, sensitive to the needs of our clients, and aim to make you feel safe and protected.

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