Aide Supervision

Aide Supervision assesses whether the aide is implementing the patient’s care plan and caring for the patient well. However, it can be challenging to manage the aide of a loved one when you live far or have a full schedule. For families that cannot oversee the staff of a loved one, Dr. Diana Coseglia-Danna provides oversight. She will help with managing the aide, which may include:

  • Developing a daily patient care plan. If a patient does not have a daily schedule, Dr. Coseglia-Danna will help create a plan.
  • Orienting and training the aide. Once a care plan is made, the aide may need assistance learning how to complete the tasks. 
  • Confirming medications are picked up or delivered, and the aide is knowledgeable about administrating them. 
  • Set up transportation to appointments. If the family cannot take their loved one to appointments, Dr. Coseglia-Danna can help make transportation plans with the aide or driving services.
  • Arrange in-home appointments for medical specialists, hairdressers/barbers, nail technicians, etc. If it is easier for your loved one to receive care in the home, Dr. Coseglia-Danna can make arrangements for in-home appointments.

Dr. Coseglia-Danna practices at Integrative Health, a Holistic NP Practice, PC. in conjunction with Danna & Associated. If you would like to book an appointment, please call 718-273-0300 or fill out the contact form here.