Senior Needs Assessment

A senior needs assessment helps determine how one functions in their place of living. And if modifications would improve the quality of life.

Thus, Dr. Diana Coseglia-Danna will visit you or your loved one’s place of living to assess it. She will determine how one functions in the environment to help decide what improvements would enhance the quality of life. These improvements may include house modifications or in-home care. Additionally, she will help you navigate through inpatient options like nursing home or assisted living facilities.

A part of the senior needs assessment Dr. Coseglia-Danna is assessing how basic activities of daily living are performed. These activities include eating, dressing, personal hygiene, maintaining continence, and mobility. The ability to complete these activities independently will help decide if an in-home aid or living facility would be beneficial. 

Additionally, Dr. Coseglia-Danna can perform a senior needs assessment of your nursing home or assisted living arrangement. This assessment will help see if the arrangements are the correct fit. But generally, nursing homes are a good fit for people who need 24/7 medical care. Whereas, people in assisted living facilities have access to care, but are more independent.

Dr. Coseglia-Danna practices at Integrative Health, a Holistic NP Practice, PC. in conjunction with Danna & Associated. If you would like to book an appointment, please call 718-273-0300 or fill out the contact form here.