Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

It is difficult enough for any person, especially, an elderly one, to move from the home they have known all their lives to an assisted living establishment, or a nursing home. While each person’s situation is different, it is important to look at all the options and determine when and how such a transition should be made.
Assisted living facilities will vary from state to state and even from facility to facility within the same state. Some will provide all types of care including hospice care, while others will ask a resident to leave if he or she is unable to manage their medication independently. Also- the living arrangement is usually month to month to allow for any drastic changes in health.

Nursing homes are usually for residents who are unable to care of themselves and need much more attention on a regular basis. Those in a nursing home sometimes will even need assistance with such basic needs as bathing, eating and cleaning themselves. The cost of nursing home care is usually much higher than assisted living. It is often the case that a person will go into nursing home care when it is simply too dangerous for them to be left alone in their own home or even in an assisted living facility.

The choice between the two places is not always an easy one and careful planning and thought should go into which facility would be best for the individual.