“10 Essential Estate Planning Tips Everyone Should Know”

“MORE THAN HALF OF ALL American adults don’t have a will, and that can cause all kinds of problems if tragedy strikes.”

As it turns out, Estate Planning is not only for the wealthy. It’s for anyone that has any assets that they would like to protect or hand over to someone else after their demise. Otherwise, you die “intestate” and your assets get divided up according to the laws of your state, by a unbiased Judge in Probate Court. This means that your wishes may be completely ignored, even if you have verbalized them to your family and friends. In fact, if you leave no heirs, then all of your assets become property of the city in which you die.

To avoid all of this, people prepare Estate Plans. What an estate plan aims to do is get rid of the guesswork, and let the court know exactly what you want in a format they formally recognize. This is also how you avoid Probate Court and costly fees associated with it.

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