“Famous or not, here’s why you should have a will”

Often, when people hear the term “Estate Planning,” they assume this is something reserved for the wealthy. That assumption, however, has the power to not only hurt you, but all the loved ones around you.

Many believe that simply creating a Will can put their mind at ease. However, a Will is not a document that supersedes all others, such as annuity or life insurance policies that list beneficiaries. And, as mentioned in the article, nearly 60% of Americans do not currently have a Will.

This places Americans at a huge risk of having their estate dragged through probate court after their death. It places your loved ones in court rooms with little consideration of their personal lives or obligations. It places them shuffling through your personal belongings after you’re gone, in hopes of finding a plan you may have left, or any clue as to your wishes.

Don’t leave your family in a financial whirlwind after your demise. Plan every detail, plan for yourself, and plan for them.

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