“A Consumers Guide to Medicaid Planning”

As livingtrustnetwork.com expertly describes in the below-linked article, entitled “A Consumer’s Guide to Medicaid Planning,” life expectancy for Americans has dramatically increased in the last century. As such, we as a society had to make changes and provide ways for our citizens to be equipped to handle long term healthcare for the elderly. Thus, in the 1960’s, Medicaid was born out of necessity. Today, Medicaid eligibility requirements are extensive. The application itself is known to be lengthy, thorough and intrusive. However, before the application can even be considered, it is more likely than not that the individual looking to apply for Medicaid will have to make some major decisions about their assets.

For example, in the state of New York, the maximum you can hold in available assets is $15,450.00. This is a tiny sum, often a fraction of the cost of a house, or even a car. Typically, around the age of 65, Americans are either homeowners, or, in the alternative, possess much more than that in available assets. However, there are several moral steps that can be taken to protect all of your assets from Medicaid and still be eligible. All you need is solid legal advice.

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