“Are Millions Missing? Some Relatives Want to Know. Others Don’t.”

Oftentimes, a person’s main interest in creating, or choosing not to create an Estate Plan has everything to do with keeping peace in the family. For some families, that might mean not creating a will and letting your heirs know your wishes by word of mouth. For others, that may mean creating the most stringent of Estate Plans, that everyone is satisfied with. Sometimes, heirs don’t find out what the deceased left them until after the death of their loved one, and other times, the entire family is aware of every detail.

In the case of Dr. McKee, creating an Estate Plan wasn’t enough. Although he had a great amount of wealth to distribute, and took it upon himself to create an Estate Plan, later down the line, discrepancies were discovered by the family.Eventually, this drove a wedge between the family that has yet to be reconciled.

That is why it is imperative to ensure your Estate Planning documents are created properly and all of your assets are correctly accounted for and mentioned. Danna & Associates, PC is a law firm that has specialized not only in Estate Planning, but also in Elder Care, ensuring any of your questions can and will be answered with experience and expertise. Call 718.273.0300 for your free consultation today!

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