Assisted Living Requirements: What to Expect

The issue at hand is that your elderly loved one can’t live on their own anymore.

Besides placing them in a nursing home, monitored and cared for by doctors and nurses 24/7, there are 2 other options you can choose:

1. Aide services
2. Assisted Living Facility

In New York City, there are assisted living facilities that have medical staff on the premises, but they are not as involved in day to day care as they would be in a nursing home. Consequently, the cost of living in such a facility is lower than that of a nursing home.

To figure out the best accommodations for your elderly loved one (or yourself!) it is best to seek the advice of an attorney. Danna & Associates, PC has specialized in Estate Planning and Elder Law since 1994. Over the past year, we have also been able to offer Life Care Planning services, that may help you decide. Call 718.273.0300 for your free consultation today!

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