Casey Kasem and Stan Lee cases grab spotlight as experts warn elder abuse is growing problem

“The National Adult Maltreatment Reporting System, reports to Adult Protective Services increased by more than 12% between fiscal years 2016 and 2017. The group estimates that of the 10,000 people now turning 65 each day, a thousand will be victims of some form of elder abuse,” informs the below linked article from NY Daily News. Known as the “silver tsunami”, Elder Abuse is a growing epidemic in the US, gaining more and more speed with each passing year. Activists are trying to stop it in its tracks by bringing awareness to elders and letting them know where to seek help.

It can happen to anyone, as you can infer from the article, which mentions several high-profile, wealthy, celebrity names such as Stan Lee and Casey Kasem. The abuse can take several forms – it can be physical, verbal, financial or emotional. For example, being blocked from seeing your loved one before their death by another family member or someone like a manager, against your loved one’s wishes can also be considered abuse.

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