“Elder Abuse and Neglect: Spotting the Warning Signs and Getting Help”

As heartbreaking and appalling as it may be, elder abuse is a common problem in today’s society.

The linked article explores warning signs of elder abuse, and we hope by raising this awareness, we are preventing even just one more person from being taken advantage of. Helpguide.org cites these as typical types of elder abuse:

1. Physical elder abuse 
2. Emotional elder abuse 
3. Sexual elder abuse 
4. Elder neglect
5. Financial exploitation
6. Healthcare fraud and abuse

The article also goes on to describe warning signs of each of these different types of abuse. It is imperative to familiarize yourself with these warning signs and the various ways in which the elderly can be taken advantage of, so that you are able to step in and take action. It is also important to speak to your elders about this regularly and understand that the world is much different from what it used to be, and how that fact can affect your elders.

Danna & Associates, PC is a firm that has specialized in Elder Law and Estate Planning for over 20 years, ensuring we’ve heard our fair share of horrible abuse stories. We aim to raise awareness. We aim to stop this horrible practice. We aim to help.

Join us by spreading this article, hotlines, other websites and sources, etc. regarding elder abuse. Stop the abuse and help our elders!

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