“Five Estate Planning Tips that Remain Relevant Regardless of Shifting Political Winds”

Estate Planning is a very popularly used field of law. In any discussion of Estate Planning, which could involve but is not limited to the creation of Last Wills & Testaments, Living Wills & Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, etc., many varying pieces of advice may be mentioned.

Depending on a series of factors, including your personal needs and assets and the current political, social and economical trends, some advice that may work for you may not work for your friend. It is important to not only consider how the laws may have changed or will change, but also whether your decision is the most beneficial one for your individual situation.

In the attached article, McManus & Associates share a few tips that will always remain true, regardless of any factors. They encourage often updating or changing your Estate Planning documents to reflect any changes in your life, leaving assets to children and grandchildren, and creating trusts to move your assets into. They also touch upon the importance of giving back.

At Danna & Associates, PC, we have been handling Estate Planning law for over 20 years! With over 2 decades of experience in creating a range of documents for different individuals, we have become accustomed to offering advice partial to specific situations, keeping in mind today’s current political, social and economic climate. Call 718.273.0300 today for your free consultation!

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