“How the Elderly Lose Their Rights”

Elder abuse is alive and well in today’s society. It’s constantly reported on and spoken about, but unfortunately, as is the case oftentimes, when those who are being hurt cannot speak out for themselves, little gets done. And the most difficult part of this to overcome is that those who are supposed to love, nurture and care for the elderly, are the ones abusing their power and infringing on the rights of the elderly.

We must band together to prevent elder abuse, by spreading awareness of its existence and warning signs. By creating Estate Plans and being informed in Elder Law, you are much less likely to be taken advantage of, or worse, hurt. Elder abuse can take place in many forms such as physical, emotional, financial, etc. Knowing of all these different, insidious manners of abuse can be a huge help because it allows you to know when to reach out for help.

The New Yorker takes on this discussion in their article entitled “How the Elderly Lose Their Rights.” Several forms of elder abuse are mentioned, and all the steps that were taken by and for the elderly in dealing with it. It becomes increasingly clear, the further you read, that cases of elder abuse vary greatly, and thus the solutions can range.

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