Physical Abuse Against Older Adults on the Rise

“Physical Abuse Against Older Adults on the Rise” is an article penned by, one of the leading non-profit organizations focused on helping aging Americans live their best lives. The article outlines the worsening pattern of physical elder abuse, quoting that nonfatal assaults on men 60 and older increased by 75.4% between 2002 and 2016, while nonfatal assaults on women 60 and older increased by 35.4% between 2007 and 2016. These numbers are chilling, and truly depict how rampant of an issue elder abuse is. What’s more disturbing is that 58% of these assailants are known to their victims, and as much as 46% of these crimes were at the hand of a spouse, parent, child, relative or friend. Of course, these are only the reported statistics, but with numbers like these, it is likely that elders are scared of the retribution of reporting their assault and instead choose to keep quiet.
The method of combating this type of abuse has been by raising awareness. It is of the utmost importance to report any and all abuse, to better aid these studies and help agencies and organizations create a safe, effective framework for dealing with this public health concern. It is also invaluable to have access to support centers, emergency hotlines and to know where to reach out if you are an elder in need of help.

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