Sen. Cory Booker Calls For More Transparency In Medicaid Drug Decisions

A recent investigation led by NPR and the Center for Public Integrity uncovered how drug companies influence states’ drug decisions for Medicaid patients. It turns out, drug companies have given payments and perks to sway the decisions of doctors and others on their state’s Medicaid boards. It also proved difficult to obtain information as to who is on the Medicaid board of each state, and even impossible for the states of Illinois and South Carolina. In response, New Jersey’s Senator Cory Booker has introduced a new bill, entitled “Medicaid Drug Decisions Transparency Act” to combat this behavior.

The purpose of this proposed legislation is to require all pharmaceutical companies to reveal their payments to pharmacists and others who may serve on the Medicaid boards, instead of just requiring the perks given to doctors to be reported. There will also be increased fines for those who do not comply with this transparency. All of this is in hopes of regaining control over state costs of Medicaid drugs and lowering Medicaid expenses nationwide.

It’s imperative to stay apprised of all news and any changes pertaining to Medicaid. Unfortunately, the elder abuse experienced in this country can extend into sinister behavior by trusted parties involved such as pharmaceutical companies, doctors, etc. It’s up to you to pay attention, speak up, and make a change!

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