Why Writing Your Own Will Is A Bad Idea

               With the world at our fingertips at the hands of the internet, many have become well versed in an array of skills and knowledge. Through google and YouTube, it is quite possible for a person to become self-sufficient in almost anything. However, there are still some tasks that are best left up to the professionals.

               In the article listed below, Forbes.com illustrates the risks involved in drafting your own will. With so many DIY legal documents offered online, one can view this as a less expensive, quicker alternative in protecting their loved ones and assets at their time of death. However, these documents can lead to more stress and anguish on the family should they cause you to spend more time in court. Without an attorney’s guidance, many of these self-drafted wills are virtually useless in the eyes of the court.

               This article not only states the importance of hiring the proper legal services when drafting your will but it also provides insight on those who did not do so.

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