“10 questions to ask before hiring an elder care attorney”

Sitting down to create your Estate Plan can certainly be a daunting task. So, once you’ve gotten in the mindset of writing a Will and making big decisions, it’s important every issue is addressed and your documents are executed properly.

An Estate Plan can consist of a wide array of documents such as a Last Will & Testament, a Living Will & Health Care Proxy, a Power of Attorney, a variety of trusts, etc. Let us help you decide which of these will best protect and ensure your needs.

Danna & Associates, PC is a law firm that specializes primarily in both Elder Law and Estate Planning. Since its inception in 1994, we have created countless Estate Plans, curated to each individual’s specific needs and situations. In addition, Anthony S. Danna, Esq is a certified elder attorney in New York, New Jersey and Florida to better assist with clients that may have interests in any of these states.

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