“Protecting Digital Assets in a Digital Age”

When you think about drawing up a will, you consider countless things.

Who will take care of your children if you and /or your partner pass way? To whom do you wish your assets to go to? Who will inherit that beloved diamond ring that’s been in the family for hundreds of years?

But did you ever consider what happens to your Facebook account? Or to your Twitter? Your Instagram? Can you distinguish between “digital assets” and “content of electronic communication?”

Did you ever wonder what happens to your e-mail? Or your website? Not to mention, any cryptocurrency or stocks you may digitally own?

Did you know many people currently include a “digital executor” in their will, to leave room for the fair and proper distribution of all digital assets?

On top of these being fairly new topics, the law regarding them is just as fresh. Let us help you navigate this new territory by reaching out to Danna & Associates, PC for a free consultation today! Call 718.273.0300 to speak with professionals that can answer all your questions!

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