“7 Costliest Mistakes to Avoid When a Spouse Enters a Nursing Home”

Medicaid is a government program created in the 1960’s to help Americans who are no longer able to work. However, although this program is meant to be helpful, the length and demands of its application and attaining approval can be tedious and time consuming.

The article linked below mentions several Medicaid Planning tips:

1. Purchasing exempt assets before date of admission
2. Failing to use non-exempt assets to protect the spouse’s income

3. Spending down exempt resources
4. Continuing to spend down after you would qualify for Medicaid
5. Missing opportunities for exempt transfers
6. Having an insufficient power of attorney
7. Not getting expert advice about how to pay for long-term care
The truth is, proper care for the elderly is extremely expensive. Odds are, you or a loved one will need to apply for Medicaid at some point, out of necessity. Let us help you!

Danna & Associates, PC is a law firm that has specialized in Elder Law and Estate Planning since 1994. This experience has offered us ample insight and expertise in filing Medicaid applications. We know the process can be extremely stressful and sometimes impractical for those who are in need of care. Call 718.273.0300 for your free consultation today!

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