“Costly Rehab for the Dying Is on the Rise at Nursing Homes, a Study Says”

Danna & Associates, PC

Published by Nicolette Carolina Rose Suberska · December 4 at 4:50 PM · 

The below linked New York Times article explores how the cost of care for the dying has been on the rise. They debate whether this care is truly helpful, or whether it’s become a lucrative stream of income for those involved. Experts wonder whether the care plans created by doctors and carried out by nursing homes are purposely too involved, and even whether dosages of medicine prescribed are too high and actually end up making the patient feel less comfortable, in efforts of creating more revenue. Either way, they caution that it is yet another reason to stay informed about the elders around you. It’s become imperative to stay connected with your elders and communicate with them about any health problems they might be developing or any ongoing care they may need to receive.

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