Asset Protection Attorney in Staten Island examines when close attention to estate planning should be carefully considered

When choosing your executor(s), often times you choose someone younger than you. It’s best to review your estate plan periodically to ensure any events have not occurred that would alter your estate administration due to executors passing or who may no longer able to serve.
If you don’t make changes to your estate plan and you do not have suitable executors in place, the law may dictate how assets will pass rather than your desired wishes. It may also require probate proceedings that would otherwise have been avoided, which can incur additional costs and time to process.
If you or someone you know is dealing with similar issues, the best time to address changes to one’s estate planning is now. The Staten Island Estate & Asset Protection Attorneys will help to ensure the appropriate changes are made and your wishes are preserved. Call the Asset Protection and Elder Law specialists at Danna & Associates, PC.