Elder Law Attorney explores life events that require estate planning attention

People often postpone creating or reviewing their estate planning because they feel they will have plenty of time to complete it. Then, when something happens, the family is responsible to pick up the pieces. When you first draft your will, you may be in good health. In this situation, updating your will and power of attorney periodically will allow you to express your wishes and update family and doctors on what your decisions are. Waiting to create an estate plan until you are ill or disabled may include extra unwarranted pressure and emotions.
The Power of Attorney form allows for a selected individual to act on your behalf regarding as personal health care or financial matters. If you become incapacitated and do not have a plan in place, a judge may appoint someone who does not have the same familiarity or understanding of your wishes.
Reviewing your estate plan and making any required changes is the simplest and most efficient way to prevent conflicts with your estates and how your assets transfer after you pass. Let the Staten Island Asset Protection Lawyers at Danna & Associates, PC help ensure your estate planning is adequate and as desired.