Fear of Losing Home to Medicaid Contributed to Elder Abuse Case

It may be hard to imagine or think about, but it remains the sad truth that elder abuse is a real issue. It may be surprising that often this abuse can be traced to close relations. Other times, it has also been found to be caretakers, nurses, or others in close proximity with elder care.

Lots of this abuse has to do with the potential assets an elder may have. The case mentioned in the below linked article is particularly painful. Dorothy Havens died a day after being found by authorities, neglected to the point of injury. Her daughter is awaiting trial for 2nd degree murder and her grand daughter was sentenced to 17 years in prison for elder abuse. Both knew their grandmother needed Medicaid in her precarious condition, but didn’t apply to due a fear that Medicaid would take their house.

Although this is an extreme case, there are endless versions of it happening every day with different degrees of malice. It is in your best interest to protect yourself from any harm by hiring an attorney, should you have any confusion or questions about the Medicaid process and how it may affect you, or if it is in any way causing you distress. Sticking to the side of caution could save you in the long run.

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