“Three Reasons To Use A Professional For Estate Administration”

Estate Administration can be a trying time, particularly if the deceased was someone close. However, it’s important to remain rational and alert at this time to ensure everything goes as planned – even if just for the sake of respecting the wishes of the deceased.

Estate Administration is the term used for the administration of an estate along the guidelines of a Last Will & Testament, which may involve resolving financial matters and distributing the assets. Probate is what happens when someone dies ‘intestate,’ or in other words, without a Will full of instructions.

In an Estate Administration, someone is named the executor, and this person is responsible for any task that may be delegated in the will, answering to the court system. This responsibility can amount to personal liability or surcharges by the court if done incorrectly. Thus, we find it imperative to advise retaining an attorney to ensure all goes as planned. Forbes, in the article linked below, agrees and lists their 3 key reasons:

1. Filing the proper forms to protect the estate

2. Protecting the executor

3. Protecting the estate’s value

Danna & Associates, PC, has specialized in Estate Planning and Administration since its inception in 1994. With over 2 decades of experience, we are not only familiar with all the forms and paperwork that came with Estate Administration, but have ample experience ensuring the Administration is carried out properly and diligently. If you want to make sure your Estate Administration is handled correctly, call 718.273.0300 for your free consultation today!


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