Hoping for a Happy Ending? Try Planning

We love to plan happy events – vacations, weddings, backyard parties. Planning for your eventual demise doesn’t have the same appeal. Yet if you want to at least try to have some hand in your last years, months, days or even hours of life, planning is the way to go.

Experts who deal with end-of-life scenarios on a regular basis, from probate attorneys to hospice workers, will tell you that planning ahead for the end of your life is far better than not planning at all. Despite this, few Americans follow the advice.

Survey after survey reveals that most Americans do not have estate plans. Recently, the Huffington Post published “5 reasons to Plan Ahead for the End-of-Life.” A doctor gives reasons why you should plan ahead, including:

  • Financial Legacy – If you do not have an estate plan, then your estate will be divided according to a default law that determines who gets what. Any wishes that you have about what will happen to your assets will be disregarded.
  • Minor Children – Planning ahead allows you to determine who will be the guardian of your minor children instead of allowing a court to have the sole say in the matter.
  • End-of-Life Care – If you plan ahead with advanced medical directives as part of your estate plan, then you can decide what care and treatments doctors will give you in your final days.
  • How You Want to be Remembered – If you want a particular type of funeral, you can plan ahead for it and make arrangements.
  • Make Things Easier on Your Family – Anytime a loved one passes away is stressful enough for family members. If you do not plan ahead, you add to that stress exponentially.

Just like you turn to your doctor to monitor your health, consult an experienced estate planning attorney to ensure you have all of the above matters covered.

Reference: Huffington Post (September 4, 2015) “5 reasons to Plan Ahead for the End-of-Life.”