The article linked below from thoroughly outlines how to apply for Medicaid, what the benefits cover and financial eligibility requirements for the state of New York. It is important to note that Medicaid differs state to state, and even a New Jersey Medicaid has vastly different requirements and a completely different application. While New York State has one application, New Jersey’s applications actually differ by county, as well.

Medicaid is a federal program under the Social Security act to aid those unable to work, disabled, or over the age of 65 in receiving long term healthcare, which can otherwise become overly expensive. As it is a government program, these benefits come with a lot of caveats and require strict rules to be followed for the eligibility and retainment of these benefits.

The Medicaid application itself is a long and daunting process, which may differ depending on the type of benefits you are looking for. In New York, the most common Medicaid benefits are home services and institutional care. For home services, the financial look-back period is 3 months, compared to 60 months for institutional care. Just taking this one piece of the application into consideration, the paperwork necessary for this application can be massive in quantity. The application also requires different types of analysis of your finances that is best done by an experienced attorney.

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