“Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection, Part 2”

Although it may not seem like it’s coming up fast, or important right now, it’s never too early for creating a life plan for your post-retirement life. The reality is that when you are no longer able to work, you still need to have an income in order to support yourself. Some basic necessities you need to consider are being able to afford your mortgage/rent and utility bills, and keeping up with nutrition and healthcare.

This is when Estate and Medicaid Planning come in handy. When you create an Estate Plan, you are taking care of your what will happen to your assets in the future, while protecting them in the present. This becomes especially helpful when you begin to plan for Medicaid, which requires taking a long look at your assets. There are certain trusts, which are often a part of our Estate Planning documents, that can be created to protect your assets from Medicaid, which are described in the article linked below.

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