“You can do your own estate plan, but should you?”

“One of the most loving things you can do,” Rampenthal says, “is not make people guess at what you wanted.” This advice comes from Chad Rampenthal, general counsel for LegalZoom, an online service that offers self-help. While creating Estate Planning documents is possible through online services on your own, it is not recommended. Although you may be able to articulate what you want, there is no one to advise you on how your wants will be carried out or can be misconstrued. This type of knowledge remains with those who have firsthand experience in seeing these documents at work, and who are trained to spot any problem areas. This can be the most important part – after all, you won’t be around to ensure everything is done correctly. 
Mari Galvin, a partner at the Cassin & Cassin law firm, says: “With an online form, you have choices, but what you lack is this consultation of being able to say to someone. ‘Walk me through this. Let me get this comfort level of how this would play out for me really for my family.’”

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