“Medicaid 101-Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions”

Medicaid is a government program that was created in the 1960s to help Americans who are unable to work receive long term healthcare. It is intended to pay the cost of this healthcare, even if the individual is unable to do so on their own. However, eligibility for this program has many rules and restrictions […]

“Estate Planning 101”

There seems to be a shared misunderstanding about Estate Planning. This may come from making an assumption that for something to be considered an estate, it must be extravagant and expensive. However, as explained by caring.com in their article, Estate Planning 101, “In the eyes of the law, an “estate” is simply all the property individuals own, […]

“5 Must-Do Tips For Your Will And Estate Planning”

It is very common to take care of your family. Some people even do it after they die. This takes place in the form of Estate Planning, which is essentially planning for your own demise to ensure your loved ones do not suffer. Investors.com offers some tips on creating a well thought out Estate Plan. They are: […]

“Top 5 Strategies for Protecting Your Money from Medicaid”

Did you know that in order to qualify for Medicaid, your monthly income in the state of New York must be $859.00 or less? Medicaid is a program that can be a little hard to understand, and even more difficult to become eligible for. The program was created in the ‘60s to provide long term […]

“What Is Estate Planning?”

It is a common misconception that Estate Planning is for the wealthy. Estate Planning can include creating a Last Will or a Power of Attorney, but it can also involve creating Trusts to protect your assets. Even if you deem it unnecessary to create a Will due to the size of your assets, keep this […]


“Across the country, drugmaker representatives and pharma-friendly clinicians with ties to drug companies swarm the low-profile committees that make Medicaid drug decisions, sometimes without disclosing those relationships,” is one of the most chilling statements that explains The Center for Public Integrity and NPR’s investigation into Medicaid. From 2008 to 2016, the cost of Medicaid drugs […]

Sen. Cory Booker Calls For More Transparency In Medicaid Drug Decisions

A recent investigation led by NPR and the Center for Public Integrity uncovered how drug companies influence states’ drug decisions for Medicaid patients. It turns out, drug companies have given payments and perks to sway the decisions of doctors and others on their state’s Medicaid boards. It also proved difficult to obtain information as to […]

10 Steps to Painless Estate Planning

Everyone’s heard of a Last Will and Testament. It’s in all the old mystery novels, when there’s a high profile murder and everyone’s huddled around the fire listening to the Executor read the deceased’s will aloud. It’s in those new television shows, when there’s a huge mystery surrounding who in the family (or on the […]