“Understanding the Main Types of Trusts”

Creating a Trust can be a major part of your Estate Plan. In fact, when considering any kind of asset protection, a Trust often comes into play. It is important to understand the different types of trusts, what they are for, and how they can benefit you in your situation. For example, a Revocable Trust […]

“Even Your Pet Needs an Estate Plan”

Do you have a special furry (or scaly, or feathery!) friend at home? Have you considered who will take care of him/her when you are no longer capable? Nowadays, it is commonplace to write your pet into your Will, name a caretaker and allocate certain funds. Sometimes, clients even opt to create Pet Trusts, in […]

“10 questions to ask before hiring an elder care attorney”

Sitting down to create your Estate Plan can certainly be a daunting task. So, once you’ve gotten in the mindset of writing a Will and making big decisions, it’s important every issue is addressed and your documents are executed properly. An Estate Plan can consist of a wide array of documents such as a Last […]

“Protecting Digital Assets in a Digital Age”

When you think about drawing up a will, you consider countless things. Who will take care of your children if you and /or your partner pass way? To whom do you wish your assets to go to? Who will inherit that beloved diamond ring that’s been in the family for hundreds of years? But did […]

“Estate Planning Is Dead”

When you think of Estate Plans, of Last Wills and Health Care Proxies, do you think it’s a conversation for the end of the line? Today, there’s a new way to look at it. Instead of planning for your death, plan for your life! Make sure to maximize your life, everything from your financial situation […]

“How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your Aging Parents”

Beginning a conversation about creating an Estate Plan can often be a source of difficulty when it comes to your parents. However, as dreaded as this may be, it is imperative to have the talk and ask all the questions you can foresee in a calm, comfortable setting. Before your parents are incapable of making […]

“8 Estate Planning Moves If You Are Getting Divorced”

Getting divorced? Amid the myriad of paperwork and decisions you have to make, it may surprise you there’s one more giant item on your list. Your estate plan! When getting a divorce, everything from your power of attorney to your will may change. You also have to make sure you know who is authorized to […]

“6 Common Myths About Estate Planning”

There are hundreds of myths about estate planning, and it’s easy to be confused by such a complex, detailed field of law. That’s why Danna & Associates has made it our mission to know everything you need to know, for you! Do you think you’re too young to write a will? Do you think you […]

“Beware Of These New Estate Planning Scams”

“Death brings out the worst in people,” is a quote by an estate appraiser from Forbes’ article Beware of These New Estate Planning Scams, that often rings true.  A lawyer’s duty lies in presenting you with ALL of the options available to you. It is paramount that you are not cajoled or pushed into anything […]